International Conference On Culture, Health, and Well‐being in Stockholm, May 8th ‐10th 2014

Amateo’s 7th conference on culture and cultural practices was held in Stockholm, Sweden, in May 2014; on the theme Culture, Health, and Well‐being. The host for the arrangement was ax – The Swedish Amateur Culture Council.

Update: You can find material from the conference here

Gallup Wellbeing Index - AMATEO FINAL

Presentation by Töres Theorell

Story, the arts and wellbeing

Information: 2014, January 24th

The conference has a focus on Culture in Europe and provides a meeting place for cultural practioners, cultural organizations, and cultural resarchers within Amateo’s member countries. The key?note speakers will introduce different research areas: Culture in relation to hapiness, Culture in relation to the life situation of elderly people, and Culture in relation to social inclusion.

During the conference contemporary reserach in the field of Culture, Health, and Well?being will be presented from the national, Nordic, and European perspectives. The participant’s experiences and reflections concerning practice and research on the theme of the conference will be updated in small group discussions in connection with lectures and presentations.

The conference was held in connection with Amateo’s General Assembly Meeting 2014, with the agenda of Culture in relation to European politics, research, and networking.

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More information:

Amateo – The European Network for Cultural Participation in Cultural Activities


ax – Amatörkulturens samrådsgrupp; The Swedish Amateur Culture Council



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