Amateo Conference 2016 - Connect Influence Inspire

The conference ‘Connect - Influence – Inspire’ considered the role of creative participation in the arts in society in general and in particular in a rapidly changing Europe. The conference focused on how cooperation and networking can be used as tools to deal with the challenges faced by participatory arts organisations. We looked at ways of convincing policy-makers of the value of creative participation and how networking with European partners can increase the impact of successful regional and national projects. 

Amateo conference 2015, Helsinki, Finland

The 2015 AMATEO Conference and General Assembly was held in Helsinki, Finland from May 25th - 27th. The conference Youth! Arts! Sharing Youth Arts Models of Practice Across Europe brought together best practices on cultural youth work and art education.

International Conference On Culture, Health, and Well‐being in Stockholm, May 8th ‐10th 2014

Amateo’s 7th conference on culture and cultural practices was held in Stockholm, Sweden, in May 2014; on the theme Culture, Health, and Well‐being. The host for the arrangement was ax – The Swedish Amateur Culture Council.

Amateo Nachod Conference 2013

Here you can find material from the conference in Nachod, in August 2013.

Annual Meeting: Everyone's a Winner London, United Kingdom, 17-19 June 2012

The London Olympic and Paralympic Games in 2012 represents a once in a lifetime opportunity for us to demonstrate how amateur and voluntary arts and crafts can provide long-lasting benefits for individuals and their communities.

Looking for a partner at a Grundtvig photograpy project

Our photo project will content the subject ‘water’ with many different themes. We ‘re looking for adult amateur photographers in different art schools in Europe. We will work by mail, skype, websites, etc. but also by visiting each other. The adult learners we’re looking for, are open for learning, organizing, research and enthusiast photographers with extra time for working on this project. They are connected to an Art education institute for non professionals. The photography groups will all start in August 2012 till 2013 the project and finish with photo exhibition a year later in 2014.

Conference 2016 - Vrsar, Croatia

Amateo Conference 2016 in Vrsar, Croatia

Voluntary Arts presentation in Vrsar, Croatia

Networking at Amateo conference, Helsinki, 2015

Board Meeting Amateo, Helsinki, 2015
Board Meeting Amateo, Helsinki, 2015

Reception at Amateo Conference 2015, Helsinki
Reception at Amateo Conference May 2015, FSU, FInland

Board Meeting Amateo, Vienna, April 2010

photo: Han Singels